Chicken, guac & extra E. coli please ❤️✨

An Ode to a Donut

Poems are a powerful way to express how you feel

My subject this week is a love that’s very real.

The donut. A delectable pastry. 

I’ll try to put into words how much you mean to me.

Sugary sweet, best when served warm,

All other desserts have been outperformed.

Dunkin & Krispy Kreme barely scratch the surface.

There’s a whole world of donuts out there that you could miss!

Peanut Butter Banana Honey— that’s the one that changed my life.

But, the the goal of staying fit… you see, that is the strife.

Now, I suppose I should go for a run,

Or, just head back to the cafe, and get another one. 

Noms around the US

  • Alabama: boiled peanuts
  • Alaska: caribou steak
  • Arizona: fry bread
  • Arkansas: pink tomatoes
  • California: fruit smoothie
  • Colorado: mountain trout 
  • Connecticut: white clam pizza
  • Delaware: scrapple
  • Florida: key lime pie
  • Georgia: coca cola
  • Hawaii: spam musubi
  • Idaho: huckleberries
  • Illinois: chicago-style hot dog
  • Indiana: pork tenderloin sandwich 
  • Iowa: loose meat sandwich
  • Kansas: popcorn
  • Kentucky: friend chicken
  • Louisiana: jambalaya
  • Maine: lobster
  • Maryland: crab cakes
  • Massachusetts: clam chowder
  • Michigan: cherry pie
  • Minnesota: lutefisk
  • Mississippi: fried catfish
  • Missouri: burnt ends
  • Montana: Rocky Mountain oysters
  • Nebraska: runza
  • Nevada: pine nuts
  • New Hampshire: grape nuts ice cream
  • New Jersey: salt water taffy
  • New Mexico: green chile
  • New York: pizza
  • North Carolina: pork barbecue
  • North Dakota: bison
  • Ohio: Cincinnati chili
  • Oklahoma: steak
  • Oregon: hazelnuts
  • Pennsylvania: Philly cheese steak
  • Rhode Island: coffee milk
  • South Carolina: shrimp n’ grits
  • South Dakota: kuchen
  • Tennessee: pork rubs
  • Texas: nachos
  • Utah: jell-o
  • Vermont: maple syrup
  • Virginia: country ham
  • Washington: salmon
  • West Virginia: apples
  • Wisconsin: cheese curds
  • Wyoming: buffalo jerky