“There is just a simple beauty of staring at the marvel of where your roots come from.” 

Our Out There Brocialite Eric takes us back to his roots, giving us a glimpse of how this young entrepreneur in the lunch room grew into a confident businessman in the real world. 


I was born in Manhattan, raised in Queens. Which I’m so happy about because Queens is Gorgeous…always with a capital G after Queens.
*Blatantly Bias*
I began thinking about being Steve Irwin working with animals, however that fell short after SWAT team, then I wanted to be in the military…but ultimately I wanted to be the men in the Tailored suits and the nice rides, in the Financial District.  I didn’t think about what they did, I just saw what I wanted to be. College came around I decided to try dentistry, and quickly changed to business. I have always been in sales. After all, in 6th grade my friend drew 5pg-8pg loose leaf comic books and I stapled them together and sold them at lunch for us at 10 to 25cents a pop depending on the # of pages.
We bought a lot of extra brownies and chips that year LOL.

As Eric went on studying business, he came to realize what  really mattered to him… 

Eventually I realized that a Tailored suit did not make the person important. It is the “who” was wearing the suit that was important. I began to start asking “who I am”, then just let myself free fall in that thought process. Until I started to just follow what I enjoy doing with my time. Which are Business, Adventure, and People. Currently I am working with a company out in NJ, which was a second move. The first after college was located 45mins away from it. In the Bills Mafia world: Buffalo, NY.  Yes I am a Bills fan at heart and soul. But also..Lets Go Giants!! Will be gearing up to make another Jump here for 2017!


Confidence is key when escaping your comfort zone. We asked Eric what the comfort zone means to him… 

The comfort zone is a launch pad to rocket out of and into the start of your adventure. I truly understood I was out of my comfort zone when I first took an interest in speaking in front of people when I was younger. I was nervous, messed up a few times, but I got through it. Then it was practice practice practice. It taught me that new experiences are essential to developing character. Even if you are visiting somewhere for a day or a year, bump into a rando or have a friend for a couple months, a year, or your whole life. I believe everyone is there for a reason, for good, better or worse. You learn from it all.


Eric is a graduate of Fredonia state with a Bachelors degree in Marketing. This major milestone is cited as one of his proudest accomplishments, as well as the transition into what comes next… 

Graduating college and becoming entirely independent was very important to me. This to me signified where my real learning began. My goal right now is to take a job that will allow me to travel Europe, and quite possibly live there for a year or two.

Speaking of travel, what destination is high up on your must-see list? 

SPAIN. The best place I’ve ever visited is currently still my parent’s home country of Ecuador. There is just a simple beauty of staring at the marvel of where your roots come from. I can’t really name the worst place I went to visit, but I can tell you what airport I prefer not to take layovers at…(Chicago O’Hare ;P)


We sign off with Eric with a firm handshake and a shot of tequila. 

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“Here in the utter stillness, High on a lonely cliff-ledge, Where the air is trembling with lightning, I have given the wind my pledge.” -Everett Ruess

We caught up with our West Coast Brocialite to learn more about what has inspired his life of adventure…


I was born in central Maine.  I wanted to be a fighter pilot for most of my childhood (too much Top Gun), but noticed that my writing stood out in fourth grade, and discovered a taste for adventure in my mid-twenties; now I’m here.  I’ve been a teacher, a laborer, and just about everything else, and I’m always looking for bigger, better, and more.

Over the past year, Wes has established himself as a prominent travel blogger on the platform Niume.

My aims have returned firmly to the ground.  I am at home amongst the dirt and the rocks, and have no problem viewing the clouds from the safety of mountain tops.  I’ve come to realize that wilderness is my life’s passion.


Wes’ passion is evident in both his writing and his travels. He talks to us about his favorite destinations, and adventures that have been brewing in his mind…

I’m eager to go backcountry in Utah in search of unmarked Anasazi ruins.  I want to get into some terra incognita, maybe out onto the Kaiparowits Plateau. Baja California is one of my favorite locations. I’ve had a series of incredible experiences down there, and it’s all been well outside of my comfort zone.

Speaking of comfort zones…

A comfort zone to me is routines and easy choices.  Knowing how most days will go, and being happy with this.  I got fired from a job I hated in 2013, and decided to turn a friend’s upcoming wedding in Honduras into a jump off point for a month long solo backpacking trip all the way to the Panama Canal, with little more than a skateboard and some faded high school Spanish.  One of the best decisions I ever made.


Wes’ journeys outside of his comfort are truly feats to be celebrated. We asked Wes what accomplishments he is most proud of…

Completing a move to San Diego, and feeling like I’ve “made it”.  The latter is a long way from the former, to be sure.  I talked about leaving Maine for years, but it ended up taking longer than I expected.  When I look at everything I’ve been able to do in the past two years, I can see that the post-grad school doldrums were just a quiet preamble to the successes of today.

We can see the importance of setting goals and giving 100% until you reach them in the way that Wes lives his life. Wes talks to us about a current goal he is working towards…

I’m currently in the process of upgrading to a more advanced camera.  Although I’m proud of the work I’ve done with my point-and-shoot, it’s time to take things to the next level and challenge myself.


Wes signs off with some words of wisdom (or we’d like to call it- Wesdom)…

Find pockets of space and time, and flee your mobile devices and obligations for somewhere not a lot of people go, somewhere that might have you asking for directions.  Wander, get dirty, and enjoy it even if you don’t get there.

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“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

Colby, one of our four Out There Brocialites, talks to us about where he’s from, where he’s been, and where he’s going to. His zest and enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer will leave you feeling motivated to take on the world. 


We rewind back to beginning of the life of young Colby…

I was born at Yale New Haven Hospital and grew up in Killingworth CT before moving to North Haven CT for high school. I attended Sacred Heart University where I ran track and cross country and also started, with the help of many others, the sailing team at SHU. If you asked me as a young child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said astronaut & race car driver. If anyone has seen me driving on the Merrit Parkway, they may think my second dream came true. I love the outdoors as many of my pictures will show. Hiking, mountain biking, skiing and sailing are just some of the ways I get outside to enjoy what the world has to offer. I live with two of my best friends and sailors in Blackrock CT and have an amazing travel companion and girlfriend, Irene.


While Colby may not have become an astronaut, he has never stopped reaching for the stars. Although some may say he never grew up, he currently works as an accountant at a public accounting firm in CT. He appreciates the flexibility that his company gives in him being able to travel and see the world. 

The best place I’ve ever visited was Mallorca, a small island off the coast of Spain where mountains rise from the Mediterranean just after the soft sand beaches, and the locals treat you as one of their own. To choose a worst place is hard, almost everywhere I have been had something redeeming about it, and I wouldn’t want to give anyone a closed mind while traveling. Patagonia is on the list of places I’d love to visit!

Colby’s positivity shines through his messages. We asked Colby what the “comfort zone” means to him…


The “Comfort Zone” to me means a fear, rational or not, that points you in a direction other than what you believe you can accomplish. Not everyone likes uneasy feeling of the unknown, but I need it. I am more comfortable out of my comfort zone knowing I am not letting my life pass me by.  I left my comfort zone big time, and at times I thought it was my last time, In Jackson Hole Wyoming. I have been a skier since I was two and a half but nothing prepared me for the backside of the mountain and the subsequent 8 mile trek back to the face of the mountain. My cousin and I were certainly over our heads at times during this but perseverance and not wanting to miss happy hour got us back safely.

Celebrating our accomplishments reminds us of the incredible things we are capable when we set our minds to it. We asked Colby to talk to us about a moment of great pride…

One of my proudest accomplishments is probably when I crewed on a sailboat that won a 240 nautical mile race that took 43 hours of constant sailing to complete. there were 90 boats competing in the race from Stamford CT around Block island and back.


Goal-setting is a surefire way to reach new heights. Colby’s current goals take this quite literally!

I am currently learning how to rock climb. I would like to be able to lead rope climb proficiently and tailor some of my destinations to that.

Colby signs off with some words of wisdom asking, “Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?" 

One of my most amazing travel and work experiences was in St. Croix. I was a sailing instructor at Fredrikstead community boating. Teaching kids from age 8-13 how to sail small handmade wooden boats. These kids would not otherwise have had this opportunity but the founders allowed attendance for next to nothing. Seeing the kids grasp the skill that I have spent much of my life improving was a rewarding experience. the smile on the parents’ faces seeing their kids succeed was priceless. The family I stayed with were the most amazing hosts and I met many other incredible people out there like Tom Elicker, and amazing sculptor and down to earth guy.


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