5 Reasons Why Sharks Deserve Their Own Week

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Shark Week! Typically, I’m not one to give into hype. I still have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones, and I probably never will. So then, why is Shark Week such a big deal?

I’ll tell ya why, because sharks are f*cking awesome.


1. They’re Earth’s OG 

Sharks first appeared over 400 million years ago, meaning they outlived FIVE massive planet extinctions. Not even the dinos can keep up with these underwater ballers.


2. They Get Hangry

Talk about being #relatable. Sharks that are on the hunt for their food will stop at no cost until they are fed.. sounds a lot like me when I’m ready for lunch. But, unlike us, sharks will only eat once or twice a week.

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3. They’re misunderstood

Don’t judge Jaws by its cover. Sharks are often depicted as mindless killing machines. In reality, sharks don’t hunt humans. They actually think we taste pretty gross. But, if a shark mistakes you for a seal, the only way for them to know the difference is to take a bite.


4. They live in awesome places

To get up close and personal with these bad boys, you have to visit some pretty badass places. The “Great White Shark Capital of the World” is located in Gansbaai, South Africa. Located about 2 hours south of Cape Town, Gansbaai offers experiences where you can dive into their environment. These excursions are very safe because the most dangerous animals are in the cage… the humans.


5. They’re both feared and loved

Niccolo Machiavelli has said, “Since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved.” Sharks say, “You can love me, but you’ll also fear me.” While yes, sharks are far less ferocious than we are led to believe- I still wouldn’t want one sneaking up on me. But how can you hate such a beautiful beast, whose presence keeps an entire ocean ecosystem balanced?


So, I will not only give into the Shark Week hype, I’m adding to it. Follow along with our #SharkWeekSaga if you think sharks are just as Jawsome as we do!



The internet has brought light to many different holidays, from National Donut Day to World Penguin Day and everything in between. Today, we’re honoring a holiday that has a far reaching significance to both groups and individuals.

April 27th is celebrated as Freedom Day in South Africa, commemorating the first post-apartheid elections in 1994. On the first anniversary of this holiday, Nelson Mandela stated,

“Few of us could suppress the welling of emotion, as we were reminded of the terrible past from which we come as a nation; the great possibilities that we now have; and the bright future that beckons us.”

The term freedom can mean different things to different people. For those who have never felt trapped, “freedom” is a broad word. To be free, unrestrained, unbound, allowed. But, for anyone who has lived under a grand sense of restraint, the meaning of the word freedom digs deeper. 


Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.

When we are denied freedom, our growth as human beings is being stifled. Suppressed. Denied. For South Africans under the apartheid regime, freedom was determined by the color of your skin. In other instances around the globe, individuals are being denied their freedom of religion, freedom of speech, or freedom to marry the person they love. Bound by rules, laws, and judgements; there is a hell on earth that exists, and it is a life without freedom.

But freedom isn’t strictly systematic. Freedom, or lack there of, can exist in relationships. Abusive partners, denying their supposed loved one the freedom to enjoy life. To enjoy love. Preoccupations with materialistic wealth, or visions of success, rob an individual of the freedom to live their life in a way that is altruistic. Mental illness, denying their host-body the freedom of a clear mind.

Freedom isn’t free.

If you believe in something, you fight like hell for it. Nelson Mandela said, “As I walked out the door toward my freedom, I knew that if I did not leave all the anger, hatred, and bitterness behind that I would still be in prison.” Freedom begins within. You cannot conquer the outer world until you are free within the world that you have created for yourself. Your mindset. Your attitude.

As I sit here, and proudly practice my right to the freedom of speech, I think back on a life I once lived that wasn’t so free. It was a life of being controlled and manipulated, with freedom being the light at the end of the tunnel- but it always seemed too far to reach. But I fought, and I trekked, further and further, until I escaped the cage in which I was once held prisoner.

Today I celebrate my own freedom. I celebrate the freedom of my Mom, and my Sister. I celebrate the freedom of South Africans in their equality of voting rights. But mostly, I am celebrating the freedom of every single individual who knows what it feels like to fight like hell for what they know is right. What is just. What is free.