An Ode to Agua

As I sit here sipping on a bottle of Poland Spring, I’d like to stop & shed some light on this most basic thing.

While most of us would rather sip some wine, or a beer; I have learned to never neglect a liquid much more clear.

Hydrogen & Oxygen came together for our sake, Flowing through our bodies like an ocean or a lake.

A basic human need, without it we would die. If you’re feeling like a wrung out sponge, this most likely is why.

Picture a pizza without dough, a burrito with no rice; This is your body lacking water, so please heed to this advice:

Next time you’re on a bender, don’t forget your H2O, Because dehydration is no joke, to the hospital you will go!

An Ode to my Feet

Appreciation for my health runs from head to toe, It’s not something I think much about, though.

Taking this trip without the ability to walk, Would be like a singer who never learned to talk.

My feet have kept me moving, mile to mile, Being taken for granted all the while.

Here I am, skipping around, adventuring with pep, Imagine such a life where you couldn’t take a step.

I run, I walk, I jump, I stroll. Without this ability I’d spiral out of control!

Appreciation is good for the soul, it changes your attitude, So take a moment, look down, and show some gratitude!

An Ode to a Donut

Poems are a powerful way to express how you feel

My subject this week is a love that’s very real.

The donut. A delectable pastry. 

I’ll try to put into words how much you mean to me.

Sugary sweet, best when served warm,

All other desserts have been outperformed.

Dunkin & Krispy Kreme barely scratch the surface.

There’s a whole world of donuts out there that you could miss!

Peanut Butter Banana Honey— that’s the one that changed my life.

But, the the goal of staying fit… you see, that is the strife.

Now, I suppose I should go for a run,

Or, just head back to the cafe, and get another one. 

Mother Knows Best

Mother Nature, you leave me speechless every time…

So much so, that I decided to make this rhyme.

Land and sea, ground and sky,

You can sink us real low, or raise us up high. 

Everything we are is at your disposal,

So I would like to make this here proposal:

Let’s think of Mother Nature how we think of our own Moms

Ever giving, ever loving, powerful with no qualms. 

Be respectful, be reverent, be patient and kind.

Think about the impact that you’re leaving behind. 

Mother knows best, we can never compete, 

Feel her presence from your head down to your feet.

She will make you or she will break you, regardless of who you are.

We are all connected, with Mother Nature as our star.