5 Things I’ve Learning From Teaching Fitness Classes (that have nothing to do with fitness)

Last year around this time, I decided to register with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to become a personal trainer. I entered the world of fitness classes when I was in college; after a lifetime of taking dance classes, I transitioned into the role of a dance teacher. From there, my post-college fitness path took me into a kickboxing studio, where I developed a true love for helping people change their lives, one roundhouse kick at a time.


The decision to pursue a certification in the field means gaining a deeper understanding of the science that goes behind exercise. It was a journey that was not only fueled by the desire to help others, but to change my own body in the process.

Here are 5 things I have learned from my experience with fitness, beyond just how to squat properly…

1. Practice What You Preach


Who would have any respect for a trainer that tells you to do a minute of burpees, that can’t get through 30 seconds on their own? The “do as I say, but not as I do” is not an effective approach to inspire others to learn, grow, and succeed. When studying for my NASM exam, I selected a self-study plan… which for them means that I receive a textbook, and have 1 year to learn the material, and then pass my exam. For me, a self-study plan means that I am going to internalize the material in a way that not only allows me to regurgitate facts for a test, but in a way where I can live and breathe what I have learned. In the year that I had to take my exam, I applied the principles of functional movement to my workouts, and an understanding of basic nutrition to my diet. I not only passed my exam, but lost 10 pounds in the process.

2. Life is about balance


Yes, I love exercise. Yes, I love pizza. Why not enjoy both? But this principle goes beyond that of nutrition. My love of exercise has stemmed from the fact that both my education and my professional role in the world of social media takes place online. A typical, productive day consists with me sitting on the computer for a very, very long time. To me, that doesn’t scream “balance.” So, I began working out as a way to even out my scale of physical activity. The gym doesn’t have to be a place that is such a task to get to. Instead, it can be your place of equilibrium, where you balance out your mind and body versus the trajectory of your typical day.

3. Team work makes the dream work



As Bill Withers famously sang, we all need somebody to lean on. Working at F45 has opened my eyes to a whole new form of team work. I’ve taken plenty of fitness classes before, but have always preferred to work out on my own. To me, there’s nothing better than being in my own zone. But F45 allows you to be in your zone, surrounded by others who are in their zone, supported and encouraged by a team who has set the bar of what “the zone” is. Speaking for myself, I’ve got a very “I can do this on my own” attitude… which can propel me forwards in some ways, but in others, can hold me back. Intrinsic motivation is important, that’s what gets you started. But, the motivation that comes from a team is what helps you reach new heights.

4. If you want it, go get it


Despite what the industry of diet pills, tummy tea, and cleanses want to sell us, there is no shortcut to a healthy, fit life. In fact, there is no shortcut to any type of great success. If you want something, you have to give it everything you’ve got. If you want that promotion, work your ass off for it. If you want that A in your class, fully immerse yourself in the material. If you to be able to run a marathon, get off the couch and start training for it. There is nothing more satisfying than looking back on how far you’ve come and thinking, “I earned this.”

5. Everyone has a story


You learn a lot about people from working at a gym. Everyone’s starting point is different, whether it is on their fitness journey, or their journey in life. Keep an open mind and you can be inspired by, and learn from people who you would have never crossed paths with otherwise. Sharing a common interest, such as working out, is something that unites us. You may be surprised what else you have in common with people who can be so seemingly different from you. As a trainer, it’s a privilege when members trust you enough to give you a glimpse into their lives outside of the gym. It’s truly an incredible thing to see the benefits exercise has on people’s mind, body and soul. It’s what keeps me inspired, enthusiastic, and proud to be part of such a badass community.

The world out there belongs to the dreamers and the doers! We’ve been speaking with inspiring others who have been following their hearts and actualizing their potential.

We caught up with the fun-loving Tyler “Teeboogie” Johnson after the grand opening of South Side Iron. If you share our love for reality dating shows, you may recognize him from the MTV show, “Are You The One.” Tyler’s big heart and big smile have left a lasting impression- both on and off screen! 


Tyler begins by giving us a glimpse into the life of baby boogie…

First and foremost go Cavs! I was born in Richmond, Indiana but did a lot of maturing and growing up as a young lad in Huntsville Alabama. ( shoutout to HHS high school 08’ baby!) Growing up, I had met one of my first and still to this day best friends named Michael Hornback and we both found the love of basketball so intriguing, so of course I wanted to play for UNC and go to the NBA. I’ve always been goofy and had a HUGE personality, and people have hinted me doing TV. My life changed completely last year. As I stated before, numerous individuals have told me that I need to be on TV somehow, someway. Well as a young ‘n, I was always fascinated by the show All That, Global Guts, MTV’s Say What Karaoke, Keenan and Kel, Martin, The Fresh Prince, etc etc. As i got older and my language became more vulgar, people suggested the Real World and shows like that!


Life can change in the blink of an eye. We spoke to Tyler about the transformation that has occurred in his own life…

Till this day, i still have the text that started it all. When an AYTO producer personally reached out to me. I didnt have to apply or anything. I look at that from time to time and just thank God daily for that amazing opportunity and the many more to come! The process was so surreal. It was like destiny. I knew I was going to be on that show the moment that happened. It was weird, even my dreams were speaking to me ya know? People want to take pictures, do interviews, all sorts of things. I embrace it all, not on a selfish standpoint, but also to help out whoever reaches out to me. To thank them for giving a kid ( who came from a deep, rough, upbringing) an opportunity he never would have thought possible. And that, my friends, is dope.

Tyler brings us in (and out) of his comfort zone…


What does “comfort zone” mean to me? It means in your mind, you are able to do things freely without feeling that sense of “awkwardness” I left my comfort zone the moment i went on a plane all the way to Hawaii! i have bad anxiety on planes!

It is so important to recognize the accomplishments that we’ve made in life. Society has conditioned us to feel ashamed of “bragging,” but there is a huge difference between those who talk the talk, and those who walk the walk. Our friend Tyler Johnson walks the walk with his head held high, and we could not feel more proud of the man he has grown to be. We asked Teeboogie what he is most proud of. As Childish Gambino once said, f&*k a humble brag…

My proudest accomplishment is gonna get a bit sappy. MTV blessed me with this new life. and before I continue, i’m not an arrogant individual, but I had a dark time. I neglected my adult responsibilites because, in my head, I thought I was gonna just live the lavish life. I mean, living in LA, seeing individuals living large and having things promised to me, you cant blame me. Well neglecting responsibilities most def made my life hard for about 3 months. Bills pilled up, i was partying constantly trying to not tackle Life, and many other things. Well i had to do some deep soul searching. Had to basically mature. God put me through a test. I conquered it! had to go back to church again. Had to admit many faults with family and friends. Now as an individual, im a Tyler Johnson i never thought possible! so my biggest accomplishment, my maturation process and coming out a new being.


Wandering minds want to know, what adventures does Boogie have on the horizon? He describes not a specific location, but what his slice of paradise looks like…

Beautiful scenery, on an island where the water is as clear as day. The weather so crisp and fresh. the vibe in the air is dope. surrounded by people who know of those dope vibes.


As we mentioned before, Tyler’s recent adventures have included being a part of the grand opening of friend & former cast mate Connor Smith’s gym South Side Iron 


Aside from earning his NASM personal training license, Tyler tells us what else he’s been up to… 

I found out why i was put on this earth, and that was to put smiles and laughter on everyones faces. Too easy for a guy like me! I think I’m funny af, and many others do! 

We can definitely concur with that statement, Teeboogie! To keep up with Tyler’s skit comedy, workout motivation, and all things inspiring follow his Instagram: @mtv_teeboogie

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