I went to Miami, and all I got was… 

While I told myself I would end my 2015 escapades with my Midwestern adventure, I could never resist a weekend getaway to one of my favorite places: South Beach, Miami

It was a chilly Tuesday in New York, when my friend and fellow travel addict texted me…


My first trip this year was to this East Coast hot spot, so I felt it was only appropriate to finish my year the way I started it- lying on the beach, sun on skin, drink in hand.

For such a last minute adventure, I knew well enough to predict the unpredictable. Leave wiggle room when traveling, bring enough underwear, take vitamins, etc…

The events of this adventure were so outrageous, that no amount of premeditation would have made a difference. The only way to handle whatever the adventure gods throw at you: a good sense of humor, a quality travel buddy, and a 6 pack of Heineken…

I went to Miami, and all I got was: Stuck by Lighting


One thing that can be somewhat predicted- the weather. The forecast for this weekend didn’t look promising, but we were willing to take our chances with mother nature. [Important rule of life: Mother Nature knows best]. We were greeted by ominous rain clouds, but paid no mind and followed our rumbling bellies to an outdoor bar. Happy to be in tank tops and flip flops, we sat under an umbrella, ordered some breakfast, and drinks the size of our cabezas. 

A couple of fork-fulls into our chocolate chip pancakes, Mother Nature unleashed her wrath. We stayed pretty dry under our umbrella, so we did as any two girls in our position would do: ordered another round. Soon, the flash on Mother Nature’s camera went off, and we were startled by the brightest light and the loudest boom. Then, we experienced then weirdest tingling sensation- one in our arm, on in our leg. 

*Science Lesson* If lightning strikes nearby and you are in an area that is wet, or near metal, part of the current can be conducted to you. We learned this from googling a very important question: “How do you know if you got struck by lightning?” 

Silver Linings: No one was harmed in the making of this blog post. We were prepared for the weather, so it really didn’t rain on our parade. We were able to spend some extra time at the restaurant, which resulted in no shortage of laughs, delicious food, and large beverages. 

I went to Miami, and all I got was: Attacked By Birds


This is a story that has left me nearly as traumatized as my one night in Davenport, so naturally, I wrote a poem about it: “The Attack of the Gulls.” 

I will leave you here with the spark notes, unrhymed addition: 

Since February, I have been dreaming about “The Napoli” on a croissant from my favorite South Beach sandwich stop, La Sandwicherie. So, for lunch, I ordered just that.

Last time, I ate my sandwich peacefully on the beach, and was even able to capture this glorious photo of it: 


Beautiful, huh? 

This year, I was held prisoner by a flock of relentless gulls. As I started eating, Sandra commented on all the new friends I was making. One by one, they inched closer, unaffected by my swatting motions. Then, the head honcho made his call, and they launched their merciless attack.

I wasn’t even two bites in when they came at me full force. Innocent bystanders commented on the tornado of lettuce and tomato that went flying though the air. The call of that bully of a bird will haunt me for the rest of my life. Moral of the story: the birds will always win. Don’t risk your sandwich or your sanity trying to feast at the beach.

Silver linings: Sandra had her camera out and was able to capture this pivotal moment of my sandwich eating career. We will never stop laughing about the attack of the gulls, and although I may have a newfound phobia, I wrote a really funny poem about it… 

I went to Miami, and all I got was: Balloon Animals (and a hole in my pants) 


For such frequent flyers, the two of us were surprised that neither of us have ever been to a Señor Frogs before. We were excited to see one open up close to our humble airbnb abode- and naturally, stopped in for a drink. (”A drink” meaning a yard, which turned into two, which turned into “let’s see your ‘shots’ menu…). 

We met many interesting characters at this lily pad of a bar. The first two we noticed right from the start: a blonde mother/daughter duo, living life to the fullest. Sandra pointed to the older woman, wearing a sombrero, dancing to Pitbull and told me, “this is your future.” 

Her prediction was not too far off, when we learned that the woman’s name was Lauren. She was visiting from Philly to celebrate her daughter Ashley’s 21st birthday. #MomGoals

So, naturally, we solidified our new found friendship with a shotski and a full out dance party to Macklemore’s Downtown. My emulation of Mack’s knee drop left me with a nice, extremely large hole in the seam of my pants. A lifetime of dance class taught my this important lesson: Just keep dancing. 


So, about these balloon animals…

Two yards later, we were approached by “the balloon lady.” When she asked what we wanted, we thought it would be rude to say, “for you to leave us alone.” Instead, we found humor in asking for something representative of my new phobia: a seagull. 

12 hours later, I was left with my circulation cut off from the tourniquet-esque bird balloon strapped to my arm. Thanks a lot balloon lady. 

You know when something about a person just rubs you the wrong way? 


That’s was our opinion of the balloon lady. Were we polite? Yes. Did we tip her? Of course. Will I blog about my opinions of said balloon lady? Well, obviously. 

Silver linings: While our night at Señor Frogs was an expensive one, it was worth every penny. The celebration of Ashley’s 21st, with her mom Lauren, and the annoying balloon lady taught us an important lesson: When you’re at Señor Frogs, get the yard. When you’re done, get another. 

I went to Miami, and all I got was: An Airbnb Heartbreak


Back in February, we stayed at an awesome Airbnb apartment, steps away from Ocean Drive. Our decision to come back to Miami was a no brainer when we saw that Jason’s place was available for the weekend. 

We felt so at home, knowing our way around- not packing toiletries because of the Walgreens next door, popping champagne in the same spot of our dance floor of a living room, with the stereo system we’ve grown so fond of. As we were packing up, getting ready to leave, Jason glumly told us he was glad we were able to have one last stay in our homey, red-walled apartment. 

But Jason, what do you mean by this heartbreaking statement?!

It turns out, this building has been sold, and our home away from home will be no longer come the new year.

Silver Linings: This is a hard one for me. All I can really say is, all things must end eventually. Impermanence is something I try to remind myself of regularly. That’s why I have a mandala tattooed on my leg. We must appreciate the here and now, and figure out the future one step at a time. While we’ll miss Jason’s place, we don’t know what other Airbnb’s south beach has in store for us. 

I went to Miami, and all I got was: The Urge To Go Back To Miami 


Something I struggle with as a frequent traveler is finding the balance between exploring new places, and revisiting destinations where I have left a piece of my heart. If Miami were a man, I’d marry him tomorrow. Something about the sun, sand, and salsa music speaks to my soul. 

Last week, I was watching Carlos & Witney’s Salsa on Dancing With The Stars, and all I could think was, “I wish I was in Miami.” Sandra’s text couldn’t have come at a better time. 


Traveling teaches you a lot about yourself: your situational likes and dislikes. As a twenty-something year old, gathering intel on the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s and how’s of the life of future Lauren, I use traveling as a short cut. In a short amount of time, you’re able to get a glimpse of life in a different way. 

Silver Linings: One of the most important lessons I learned in school, that traveling has emphasized: the impact of a person-environment fit. Miami, I am certainly a person that can fit into your environment. While yes, I’ll be daydreaming of the 305 until my next trip, I feel thankful to have such awesome experiences allowing me to piece together the facets of what I want out of life. 


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The Attacks of the Gulls


I’m here to share this tale with you, Still quite traumatized…
Of an event that happened in a flash, Before my very eyes.

It dates back to the winter,
My first Miami trip,
When I met this super sandwich,
Whos ingredients did not jip.

Inside a fresh croissant,
Lie prosciutto and mozzarella…
In one fell swoop, with just one bite,
Deep in love I fell.

Do I eat it all? Save leftovers?
I was stuck in quite a jam…
Before finishing this work of art,
I snapped a pic for Instagram.

Fast forward to November,
So we meet again.
I didn’t even need a menu,
Despite how long it’s been.

Sandwich in hand, smile on face,
I skipped down to the sand…
Little did I know, that this decision
Was the beginning of the end.

“Look how many friends you’ve made”
Said Sandra, about the birds…
I realized then the danger I was in,
“Oh Shit!” Being my final words.

They inched nearer and nearer,
As I tried to swat them away…
But these harsh fowl did not back down,
Much to my dismay.

The head honcho soon squacked his call,
The leader of the pack.
The most terrified I’ve ever been,
Was the target of a bird attack.

Lettuce to the left, tomato to the right,
Feathers flying everywhere!
Even after the sandwich was devoured,
They still swarmed within my hair!

There was no escaping them,
I ran what felt like miles!
And the bystanders that witnessed it all,
Were nothing but laughs and smiles.

My friend, just sipping coffee,
Was in danger by association.
This attack on the both of us,
Led to hours of conversation.

We said our goodbyes, cursed the birds,
And prayed for our dear lives.
Then suddenly a godsend,
Put an end to all our strifes.

A couple way down yonder,
Proudly opened up their lunch bag.
The birds quickly took notice,
Finding brand new pray to hag.

So here is what I learned from this,
The lesson I can teach…

Don’t be the fool to try and eat
Your sandwich on the beach.


I’m in Miami, Beach! Out There Social’s Guide to South Beach 

My craving for salty air and warm weather has recently led me to the beautiful city of Miami, Florida! The beautiful beaches and beautiful people just scratch the surface of everything Miami has to offer.

I’m Hungry:

I am a major foodie, always excited to try new things in new places. One of my favorite games? Closing my eyes and picking something randomly from a menu. Try it! Who knows, you may find your new favorite entree!

The most Ballin’ Brunch:  Nikki Beach


Breakfast meets lunch in the most beautiful way on Sundays at Nikki Beach. Not only is the buffet of food magnificent, the ambiance is incredible. Help yourself to a plate, or two, or five, of delicious food, and sit your butt down next to a palm tree. It is such a party vibe! I have been to quite a few brunches in my day, but none have even come close to this one!

Feeling Sandwichy? Le Sandwicherie


If i had to choose my favorite food group, it just may be “sandwich.” As a former deli diva, I judge my sandwiches quite harshly. Get the napoli, on a croissant, with the works— and thank me later.

Pizza, Pizza! Groovy’s Pizza


As a New Yorker, my opinion of pizza is an important one. Something that excited me about Miami pizzerias as opposed to NY, Hawaiian pizza was a hot commodity! Groovy’s became my favorite pizza spot: good pizza, good prices, friendly staff & good music while you wait!

I’m Thirsty:

Step one: hydrate. Step two: rage. Here are my top three favorite happy hours in Miami Beach:

Hookah Vibes: D’Vine


Such a great place to chill out. 2 for 1 drinks on weekdays from NOON to 7… so awesome. The appetizers were delicious, and the hookah was priced reasonably. Located within the Lincoln Rd. mall, so it is a suburb place for people watching.

Reggae Vibes: Mango’ s


Make sure you check the schedule and get there when they have live music! It has a very fun, party, yet relaxed, beachy atmosphere. Drinks were strong and the food was great! Happy hour specials were still a bit expensive, but its on Ocean Dr, so you have to expect it.

Let’s Rage! Vibes: The Clevelander


You can’t come to Miami Beach without spending some time here! A perfect spot for a drink and some hot wings. The music gets you in the mood to party (as if you weren’t already in the mood to party, I mean, you’re in Miami…). A fun spot to come to at night as well!

I’m Ready To Rage:

Let’s face it, no one comes to Miami Beach to relax. You’re here to party, and party you shall do:

Old School Hip Hoppin: Rec Room


This place is a hidden gem. Get there early, which in Miami time is about 11pm. It gets packed later on, and as a girl on your own, can get a bit.. erm… intimidating? Yes, that’s a good word. The place is quite small, so when the crowd isn’t as overwhelming, it’s a perfect environment to go wild and dance your butt off. They play amazing old school hip hop & r&b music, which is my personal favorite to dance to.

Fist Pumpin’ Fun: STORY


Another Miami Beach classic! The best way to experience STORY is through a promoter, so when they approach you on the beach, listen to what they have to say! Most of them offer amazing pre-game options, limo rides, and VIP entrance for a reduced price. Otherwise, it isn’t very likely that you will be able to get in.

Swanky: Delano


Run by the Morgans Hotel Group, the Delano is an exquisite boutique hotel. If you’re feeling classy, go sip a martini by their beautiful infinity pool. They host events on certain nights, so check the schedule, or talk to a promoter!

Gimmie, Gimmie More:

I am not exaggerating when I say there is no shortage of things to do in Miami! With so many options, you will never be bored!

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team: American Airline Arena


Love em or hate em, seeing The Heat play in their home arena is an awesome experience for Basketball fans! I said it before and I’ll say it again, going to a sporting event is such a great way to get a feel for a city!

Cash or Credit?: Lincoln Rd. Mall


Shop till you drop on Lincoln Rd! They have stores from H&M to Urban Outfitters and everything in between. This outdoor style mall reminded me so much of the 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica! Many great food and drink options along the way as well!

Soak Up The Sun: 14th St. Beach


I saved the best for last— the beach! Crystal blue water, white sand, and beautiful people. This beach seriously has it all.

One More Thing!

For all my vodka lovers out there, Absolut has a limited edition line of city-themed bottles! Make sure you pick up a bottle of Absolut Miami: passionfruit & orange blossom, mixes well with sprite!