What Happens in Vegas (ends up on Out There Social)…

As a graduation present, a friend of mine took me to Vegas for the Life is Beautiful festival! I’ll abide by the “what happens in vegas” rule, except for these tidbits of knowledge you may find helpful: 

Maintain Friendships


You never know who your travel buddy is going to be. Maintain relationships with people who love to travel as much as you do. Chances are, you will travel together some day.

Wear Comfortable Shoes


Ouch. Learned this the hard way. Make sure your shoes are comfortable before packing them for a trip with nonstop walking. Beauty is pain, however, if it is unbearable… leave it home.

Be confident!


You want to swim in Caesar’s pool? Confidently act like you’re staying at Caesar’s palace. You want to wear a shark bikini? Rock it. Confidence really is key. 

The Power of Music


There is nothing like a festival to exhibit the power of music. Good vibes are contagious! They bring people together in great ways. A community of fans who love the same thing is so powerful.