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Lauren DiTo, MS, was born & raised in the technological age. Her social media presence dates back to its millennial roots, with her first screen name being Cimba12000. From away messages to buddy icons, Lauren watched as the social media world quickly boomed. This Queen of Myspace would be the one you would turn to when you needed a pimped out layout.

Lauren has been on over-thinker since she’s started thinking. A young “Harriet the Spy”, Lauren would quietly observe her surroundings, analyzing patterns in what she sees. The introverted little girl who loved science homework has grown into a surprisingly extroverted young woman, who still kind of enjoys her science homework. She currently holds a Master’s degree in Community Psychology, where her love for researching the scientific processes behind the community of social networks began.

Social media has changed not only how we communicate with others, but how we view ourselves. Lauren’s decision to pursue her PhD in this field is fueled by her desire to be a creator of new knowledge. This PhDiva is at the beginning stages of conducting her dissertation research on digital natives and digital immigrants. Her ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between research and popular media, teaching others the importance of scientific thinking.

Growing up, Lauren’s international travels were limited to hopping from country to country in Disney’s Epcot. Her thirst for exploration was sparked in 2011, when she took an Earth Science course at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. In 2012, she took her first trip to California. Two years later, she returned to Cali for a two month solo adventure from SF to San Diego.

Lauren had the idea to create a space to document her first solo adventure, and thus, Out There Social was born. The process of building a virtual home for her thoughts and experiences has been an enlightening one. It has allowed her to share her ideas to the world out there, gaining a social response on topics she’s passionate about.

Thank you for checking out what I’ve created! I appreciate you winding up on this page.

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