The Road to Brave

The first step to being brave 

is being scared. 

Dig deep to find superpowers 

you never knew you had. 

Comfort zones will surround you, 

Stagnation will set in. 

Be scared and then be brave,

Only then will life begin.


The Path You Pave


Tough as a rock,

strong as a stone;

take a deep breath, 

and go alone. 

Luck favors the bold,

so go and be brave; 

you never know who’s following

the path that you pave.

Whenever someone says, “Travel solo?! I could never do that!” I say, “…not with that attitude.” 😏 There’s a tremendous amount of empowerment that comes with going somewhere on your own. Somedays often turn to nevers, and if you spend your life waiting to coordinate with the schedules of others, you may never climb that mountain, or see that beach, or taste that poutine. It’s ok to be nervous, nerves are cousin to excitement. Embrace time spent with yourself; the Earth is awesome, and so are you. 🌎

The Attacks of the Gulls


I’m here to share this tale with you, Still quite traumatized…
Of an event that happened in a flash, Before my very eyes.

It dates back to the winter,
My first Miami trip,
When I met this super sandwich,
Whos ingredients did not jip.

Inside a fresh croissant,
Lie prosciutto and mozzarella…
In one fell swoop, with just one bite,
Deep in love I fell.

Do I eat it all? Save leftovers?
I was stuck in quite a jam…
Before finishing this work of art,
I snapped a pic for Instagram.

Fast forward to November,
So we meet again.
I didn’t even need a menu,
Despite how long it’s been.

Sandwich in hand, smile on face,
I skipped down to the sand…
Little did I know, that this decision
Was the beginning of the end.

“Look how many friends you’ve made”
Said Sandra, about the birds…
I realized then the danger I was in,
“Oh Shit!” Being my final words.

They inched nearer and nearer,
As I tried to swat them away…
But these harsh fowl did not back down,
Much to my dismay.

The head honcho soon squacked his call,
The leader of the pack.
The most terrified I’ve ever been,
Was the target of a bird attack.

Lettuce to the left, tomato to the right,
Feathers flying everywhere!
Even after the sandwich was devoured,
They still swarmed within my hair!

There was no escaping them,
I ran what felt like miles!
And the bystanders that witnessed it all,
Were nothing but laughs and smiles.

My friend, just sipping coffee,
Was in danger by association.
This attack on the both of us,
Led to hours of conversation.

We said our goodbyes, cursed the birds,
And prayed for our dear lives.
Then suddenly a godsend,
Put an end to all our strifes.

A couple way down yonder,
Proudly opened up their lunch bag.
The birds quickly took notice,
Finding brand new pray to hag.

So here is what I learned from this,
The lesson I can teach…

Don’t be the fool to try and eat
Your sandwich on the beach.


A Guide to Seattle based on the Random Things I Found While Unpacking

After such a jam packed trip to the North West, I was trying to think of the best way to make a fun, creative guide of Seattle, Washington. Then, as I was unpacking, I found a plethora of obscure maps, stickers, ticket stubs, and noise makers (of the duck-call type).

What a perfect way to outline the best things to see with a short time schedule and a low budget!


Space Needle


This is THE must-see in see-attle! Get a ticket to visit the observation deck, which is 520ft above Emerald City! Be sure to take note of what time the sun sets, and head on up about a half hour before. Expedia also has some great deals on eating at Skycity Restaurant, but make sure you have a reservation!

Mount Rainier


If you have time, and if your budget allows, I highly recommend taking a tour of Mt. Rainier— Seattle’s sleeping giant. As a city dweller, this type of adventure was something I wouldn’t typically plan. Luckily, I was traveling with a friend who had Mt. Rainer very high up on her list of things to do. Looking back on my entire North Western trip, this was my favorite endeavor. I felt like a child again, being so floored by the beauty of nature, splashing around in waterfalls, and most importantly— having no cell phone service. For more information on the tour that we took: click here.

Pike Place Market


Another Seattle classic! I love craft fairs (as I’ve blogged about before: Get Crafty!). Pike Place Market is a great place to be a part of the community with handcrafted goods and local foods. Don’t forget to check out the awesome, yet gross, gum wall located downstairs!

Ride The Ducks


When they ask if you would like the duck noise maker to be included with your ticket, give them a blissful, “yes!” We had a lot of fun on this land and sea tour, checking out many of the city’s hot spots and learning about the history behind them! The view from Lake Union was awesome, but the thought of owning one of the floating homes was even better.

Chihuly Garden and Glass


If you are an art connoisseur, then this is a must see! Located near the Space Needle, this exhibition shows off the work of artist Dale Chihuly. Most art enthusiasts are use to seeing standard mediums: paint, canvas, etc… seeing blown glass is sure to blow your mind!


Pier 57


Take a walk along the water for some great Seattle sites; such as the Great Wheel! There’s many tents along the way with people selling art, jewelry, and so much more. Stop for an ice cream cone, take a seat, and enjoy your beautiful surroundings!

And of course, some pointers on where to eat & what to order:

Brunch: Citizen Cafe
The caramelized apple cheddar crepe (add black forest ham) & flatliner coffee were the best way I could have ever started my day.

Happy Hour: NYP Bar & Grill Seattle
They have awesome happy hour prices, so order away! The BBQ pulled pork quesadilla was delicious. Still hungry? Go for the tuscan steak bites.

Mexican: Laredos Grill
Spicy Mango Margarita & a variety of tacos to your liking. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Pizza: Zeeks Pizza
If you like spicy, go for the Dragon! Vegetarian? Try the Quentin Florentino. Adventurous? Go half & half!

Thinking about taking a trip to Seattle? We can help you Get Out There!

Lauren’s Guide to Los Angeles: You can’t spell Lauren Without “LA”…

If you are thinking about planning a trip to L.A. here are some spots you shouldn’t miss!

Where to Brunch on Sunday Funday? Sunny Side, Venice Beach


This place had me at $15 bottomless mimosas. Try the side of jerk potatoes, it was the most delicious starch I’ve ever had in my life. The vibe is awesome… chill music, chill people. And, you are about a half mile walk away from the beach.

Where to Watch the Sunset? Muscle Beach


If you walk along the Venice Boardwalk until you reach the meat heads working out at muscle beach, and then walk left towards the ocean, there will be a ton of rocks jutting out into the Pacific. Not only is this spot my favorite for lounging, it is the most beautiful spot to sit and watch the sunset.

Where to Go Shopping? 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica


Picture the best mall you’ve ever been to. Now picture it outside, surrounded by palm trees, on steroids. That is the 3rd Street Promenade.

Where to Just Chill? Venice Beach Skatepark


It is something you have to experience for yourself. The talent is incredible, and the vibe is so relaxed. Grab an iced coffee, and go hang out for a bit!

Where to People Watch? The Rusty Mullet, Hollywood


Hollywood is overrated. Many people are extremely disappointed when the arrive, because it is a beautiful facade. If you are going to go, go during the day. Check out all the touristy things like the walk of fame and the Chinese Theater while it is still light out. Then, as the sun begins to set, Hollywood becomes Hollyweird. The Rusty Mullet has seats by a large open window, where you can get something to eat, have a beer, and watch all the interesting characters that walk by. Then, take an uber home.

The Happiest Hour?  Hermosa Beach Pier


Allow some time in your trip to head down to the Redondo/Hermosa Beach area. There are a ton of bars near the Hermosa Beach Pier offering awesome happy hour specials. Fish tacos galore!

Where to see Artwork? Venice Boardwalk (especially on weekends!)


I can’t emphasize enough how amazingly creative the city of Venice is. The boardwalk is filled with tents of artists displaying and selling their work. On weekends, the number of vendors nearly doubles! The work is spectacular, and talking to the artists themselves is really cool.

Best Beach? … anywhere. From Malibu, all the way down to Orange County! 


If you’re in Los Angeles, stay by the coast!!!! No matter what beach you go to, you will be happy that you are there!

Yoga Class? Yoga Nest, Venice Beach


Not only is the vibe of this place incredible, but you can go get a smoothie right downstairs at The Cow’s End Deli.

Where to Drink on a Rooftop?  The Perch, Downtown Los Angeles


DTLA was not the city I expected it to be, but, coming from NY, I had pretty high expectations. However, if you want a beautiful view of the city while sipping on a martini, check out the Perch!

Where to Ride Your Bike? The Venice Canals


This is a spot that I don’t think enough people visit when they are in Los Angeles… and it is a shame. The canals are breathtaking! Rent a bike from the boardwalk, and ride down the street to the canals… you won’t be sorry.