Which Way is Up?

There are 7.4 billion people in this world, and each of us are experiencing life in our own way. On our own journey. On our own path.


Sometimes these paths cross. In fact, they cross many times, with many different people, at times when paths are smooth, and times when they are rocky.

When I was younger, I looked for guidance along my path through religion. Maybe God is responsible for my path, but how do I know what God wants? Or who God is?

I was told that God is that Father, but I didn’t really have much faith in those.

If God is the one who created me, why did he make my path so dark? I often thought God was mad at me. That maybe I had done something in a past life that present day Lauren was paying the price for. That’s why my path was steep, rocky, and had no light at the end of it.

My path was peppered with hurdles, as all of ours are. But my hurdles seemed disproportionate to my size. It had seemed that God had collected hurdles from quite a few others, and stacked them on my path, one by one.

But, this only taught me how to climb. I stayed valiant on my quest for answers, for who God was, and what He wanted from me. I eventually grew curious about the teachings of Eastern religions, and God began to feel a bit more familiar. A bit more compassionate.

I felt a sense of God in the trees. In the dirt. In the fresh spring air. God wasn’t this almighty plan-maker who dictates the shit storms that blow you off course. God wasn’t the path at all, but instead, was the compass.

The more in touch I felt with this notion, the clearer my direction became.

The paths that each of us are on, that’s called life, and we only get one of those. The only thing that we’re promised in life is that it will end, at some undisclosed point, for each and every one of us.

So, which way is up?

How do we strut down our paths confident that we’re headed in the right direction?


Awareness, first and foremost, that we are on a path. Awareness that your path is not my path, and it is not meant to be.

It is often in good practice to tap back into the imaginative mind of your younger self. if you can still do this, that’s great news! For it means that you have not strayed too far off your intended path.

My younger self was inquisitive, which is a trait I fear will die out as questions are so swiftly answered by Siri and Alexa. But I don’t think either of them would be able to answer the questions that little Lauren had.

Hey Siri… why am I here?” 

I look back on my path, and I feel grateful for the darkness I have trekked through, for it has made me aware. Those whose paths were quite similar to their neighbor’s never really had much thought to question them. Their paths were pretty straight forward. Neither light nor dark, a few bumps, a few curves. So they carry on in whatever direction, lacking awareness of their inner compass that may be screaming, “don’t go THIS way, go THAT way!”

These folks typically end up sideways, surrounded by other sideways beings, who are all convinced that their way is up. Because they are unaware otherwise.

Then, there are some individuals who end up down. These are the ones whose paths were filled with obstacles, but rather than looking for answers, became buried in their darkness. Consumed by it. They internalized their hurdles, rather than seeking creative ways to jump over them. They don’t even question which way is up, because they have stopped caring.

Finally, there are those who are the up-most uppiest individuals. Those whose paths have been woven by the very fabric of their being. Whether their journey has taken them through the mud or through the clouds, they have been open-eyed to how each string of moments dictates the next, and so one and so forth, into all of eternity. They know that their path is uniquely their own, guided by their inner compass, leading them to exactly where they need to be.

“Awareness is therapy, per say.”  -Fritz Perls 

We as a society have been conditioned to not give ourselves enough credit. We’re told what we should want, and when we should want it. We’re told what will make us happy, and how much it will cost. With all of this streaming through our consciousness, it is not surprising that so many of us stray so far from our intended paths.

We end up in jobs that we hate, or in relationships where we are miserable, because of the facade that this is how it should go.

Now, with social media, we’re constantly being shown the likes of the paths of others, that makes us think, “Hey! I want that!”

But how many of these paths that we’re seeing are the ones that know which way is up? Not just those tricky tricksters who are sideways and saying, “Look! This is up! I guarantee it!”

A mindful eye changes everything. Begin to think of those moments you’ve experienced that seem rather inexplainable. Call it fate, call it God, but I’ll call it a timely notification from your inner compass saying, “Keep on heading in this direction! THIS way is up!”

The way up may be dark or it may be light. It could be sharp and filled with twists and turns, or it could be fluid with a couple of bumps in the road. But as long as you follow your own path, it will get you to where you need to be, when you need to be there.

It will make you your youest you. 

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