Social Media CEO to Essena O’Neill: You Were the Lie, Not Social Media

Here’s how we feel about Essena O’Neill…

As an entity that thrives on social media, we find this whole Essena O’Neill situation fascinating. Is anyone REALLY surprised to learn that it takes more than one shot to get that perfect Instagram photo?…

Learn to decipher social media through a filtered eye, because that is exactly the type of eye that is posting. If you can present your message in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, then more power to you! The more appealing your post is, the more publicity you will get, and the more people your message will reach.

Social media in its simplest form is a means of communication. Strip away the filters and the likes and what you’re left with is a message. If your message is rooted from a lack of confidence, then your problem lies within. But, if your intent is to motivate, engage, teach, inspire, or any combination of the aforementioned, don’t be ashamed of the percentage of Valencia in your photo! A positive message in a pretty package is still a positive message… so keep on sharing your wisdom, filtered or unfiltered!

Social Media CEO to Essena O’Neill: You Were the Lie, Not Social Media

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