My Valentine to Both Singles & Couples:

Whether you’re with your bae or livin la vida single, today is a day to celebrate love. Here’s my messages to the masses…

Dear Couples;

I hope you are spending your day with someone as amazing as yourself. I hope your day is filled with genuine love, rather than an elaborate show. I hope you take the time to tell your “bae” how much you appreciate them, rather than focusing on which photos you should post on your instagram collage.


Look at the person you’re spending today with; look deep into their soul. What do you see? What do you feel? Are you blissful, or content? Are you excited, or bored? If given the opportunity, would you commit the rest of your life to them tomorrow… or are you curious about the other fish in the sea?


Yes, Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark holiday”, conquered by florists and Godiva, but, it is also a wonderful day to reflect. Think back to when you first met this person, how it all began. Think about what brought the two of you together, and why you decided that this was the only person you want to be with. Now— look at how far you’ve come. Yes, the “honeymoon phase” ends, but what path did the two of you take? How has the journey been along the way?


I’m going to hit you with a big ol’ dose of reality: this person you’re with… you’re either going to get married, or break up. If you can see yourself building a life together, then I hope you shower them with all the love they deserve today. If you’re less than excited to even buy this person a present, well, read on…


Dear Singles;

First and foremost, stop pouting. You are spending this day with the most incredible person in the entire world— yourself! While it is hard to ignore all of the couples blowing up your newsfeed, or sucking each others faces on the beach, I can almost guarantee a huge majority of them are not nearly as happy as they seem. There is a reason so many marriages end in divorce. It’s because not enough people take the time to truly foster love for themselves before trying to love someone else.


So, use today to ignite some self-lovin’. Treat yoself! Buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing. Take yourself to dinner, and splurge on the expensive beer. I’ll even go as far as to tell you to give yourself some self-lovin’ under the sheets. Taboo… yes. Scientifically supported to make you a happier person… also, yes.


Today is not just about couples— today is about love. And if you can’t love yourself, you can’t truly love anybody else. While being in a relationship may seem glamorous on a day like today, i’ll reiterate what I said before: you’re either going to get married, or break up. So enjoy the mean time! These are your “selfish years!” Love yourself and keep your heart open, and nothing but good things will follow!


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