How To Keep a New Years Resolution in 3 Simple Steps

2014 was the first year I ever made a New Years Resolution, took it seriously, and accomplished it! The outcome changed my life. 

Goal-setting is a fool proof way to get to where you want to be, and what is a better goal than keeping a New Years Resolution? Here are three tips to help you figure out what your resolution should be, and how to make it happen! 

1. Love It. 

Pick something you really want to accomplish, because your number one motivator.. is you! So often people’s resolutions are broken by February, and long forgotten by March: I will lose weight! *eats big mac*… I will stop smoking! *takes out lighter*. A resolution is a promise to yourself, and yourself only. Let your heart decide.. and pick something that will truly enhance your year. 

2. Simplify It

Don’t overwhelm yourself! Take your big idea, and break it down to its roots. “I want to change the world” isn’t exactly a tangible goal. But, vowing to yourself that you will volunteer at 10 different places this year, can be accomplished! 

3. Do It. 

Stop making excuses and take the first step, whatever that first step may be. Sign up for that yoga class. Book a plane ticket. A first step that involves a financial commitment is a huge motivator in keeping your resolution! Keep taking baby steps until you reach December, where you can proudly look back on your amazing year!

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