California Dreaming: Turning a Dream into a Reality!

Two months ago, I packed up my bags and flew across the country. I had no one to meet. No classes to attend. No interview to prepare for. I had the love and support of my friends and family, but was met with a lot of raised eyebrows when asked what my plan was. Plan? My plan was to figure it out  as I went along…

Taking this trip was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I spent 22 years of my life living for other people. Family. Friends. Loved ones. People I hardly knew but didn’t want to let down. 23 was going to be different. This was the year I realized that the only person I can rely on 100% of the time, is me. 

I hate when people tell me that I’m lucky, because luck has nothing to do with it. I made things happen for myself. I set a goal, listed the steps of how to achieve this goal, and worked for it with a smile on my face. There is no magic wand I waved to make this happen… just good old fashion dedication to make my dream a reality. 

In 9 weeks I did things that I never thought that I was capable of. Traveling solo ignites the confidence within that you need to push yourself further than your imagination has the capacity of reaching.

I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime with people from all over the globe. I gained a fresher perspective for the world & my place in it, and a deeper respect for others who have also taken a leap of faith, gaining their wings along the way.

If there’s one thing I can say for certain after this trip, I will never stop traveling. As deep as my love for California is, my wanderlust is insatiable. There is just too much out there in the world. I have people to meet, places to see, meals to try, events to attend, and blogs to write about all of the above!

The most important lesson I have learned from this trip: Nothing Is Impossible. The only person getting in the way of what you want- is you! With this realization, the possibilities of what you can achieve are limitless! Don’t be afraid to get out therebecause outside of your comfort zone exists an incredible world.

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