Is Breaking Up Really Hard To Do? A Philosophy of Maturity… 

The prefix “ex” sounds so final, as if you’re disregarding someone eternally. 

Everything we do, everyone we meet, and every relationship we have is a learning experience. You learn what you like, and what you don’t. You learn about others, which in turn, teaches you a lot more about yourself.

The end of a relationship also marks the beginning of a new relationship… a relationship with yourself. You must learn to be truly happy alone before you can be happy with someone else. 

Break ups aren’t easy. Put simply, they suck. However, there is no reason for a complete termination of a relationship. Dating someone implies a great amount of love and respect. A genuine break up should be due to this same level of respect, and recognition of what is best for both parties. 

Fresh wounds make friendship after a romance difficult, but not impossible. With a mature understanding of why the relationship couldn’t last forever as it once was, something wonderful happens…

You will never stop caring for a person that you have loved, but love exists in all sorts of forms. A mature love can appreciate this newfound friendship, with a genuine happiness for the other person as both of you travel down your separate paths in life! 

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