Now Playing: Morning Fatty

Friendship, good music, doing what you love, and random chance. Those are a few of my favorite things… and those are the words I would use to describe my Friday night in San Diego.

Last summer, I got a phone call from my neighbor telling me to come over, because there was a band at his house. I heard no music, so I called him a liar… but headed over anyway. I walked into the backyard expecting to find Hell’s Angels. I was pleasantly surprised to find 5 awesome dudes, playing beer pong with my best friends.

The first time hearing Morning Fatty perform was in my neighbors living room– and I was an instant fan. I spread the Fatty word, sharing their Pandora station with anyone who would listen. Hearing the news that these guys got an RV excited me. Hearing the news that we would be in San Diego at the same time… well, that’s random chance for ya.

While the show in the DeMarco’s living room was great, watching them perform live, doing what they love to do, was incredible. These guys are amazing musicians, and amazing human beings. If you’re looking for some good vibes to add to your music library, look no further than Morning Fatty! Rock on guys!

Check out Morning Fatty here!

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