Mission Impossible: 2 Weeks in the Mission District, San Francisco 

This city reminded me of everything I love about NYC, except without the aspects that I dislike. Sure, the weather required me to wear pants, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some beautiful, sunny, 90 degree days too!



I feel so lucky to have met the beautiful people that I stayed with in the Mission, and am happy to call them my new friends! Lydia, Maria, Ghio and Koko not only opened their homes to be, but they opened their hearts! Without them, I would have had a completely different experience… especially on Halloween and el dia de los muertos! They showed me what it was like to be a true San Franciscan living in the Mission District, and I am so grateful for them!


San Francisco is a small city, only 7 x 7 sq miles! There is so much jam packed into such a small space. In the mission, you are surrounded by culture.. and delicious food! If you are looking for the best burrito, look no further! Hop on the BART and head north until you reach the Embarcadero, and spend the day at Pier 39 for amazing sea food, and incredible views. For a more detailed guide of where to eat, check out:

Hungry for Adventure, Where to eat in SF!



If you go to San Francisco, the one thing you MUST do… bike over the Golden Gate Bridge! You should probably be humming the Full House Theme Song to yourself as you cross. If you take the BART to Powell St. prepare yourself for a day of shopping! Don’t miss a chance to check out Macy’s… you’ll be thoroughly impressed! 

Oh! And another thing about San Francisco… people there hate it when you call it “San Fran.” I got a lot of eye rolls until someone finally set me straight, telling me it is San Francisco (said really, really fast), Frisco, or SF. 


Bottom Line: 

As much as I loved San Francisco, I can’t picture myself living there. Before this trip, I had always considered myself to be a city girl. While it is true, I do love spending time in the city, I have come to realize that it is the beach that truly has my heart! I would never turn down a city trip, but when it comes down to a place where this gypsy would want to settle, it’s got to be near the ocean! I will definitely return to SF to visit my new friends, and explore sites that I have yet to see! 

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