The Power of Live Music 

Music is a powerful and inspiring force. Live music is on a whole other level! Which is why on my list of things to do in California, going to a concert was a must! 

My taste in music is quite eclectic. My Pandora stations are tailored to my moods, and lately, my station of choice has been Bob Dylan Radio. As I was listening to good ol’ Bobby, I was scrolling though Stubhub to see what was going on in the Bay Area. The first artist to catch my eye? Bob Dylan!

Energy of the Performer

Bob Dylan isn’t known for his energetic performances… in fact, he is known for quite the opposite. When I told people I was going to see him, they asked me, why? They say that his performing days are done, and his songs are barely recognizable anymore. What these people are missing is undeniable energy that comes from a performer getting up on stage, and sharing their passion, art, and love with the fans. 

The Experience

It isn’t just about the show, it’s about the memories. I molded my day around Bob— he was performing in Oakland, giving me the perfect opportunity to go visit UC Berkeley and pretend to be a student before heading to the show. When I think back to any live show that I’ve been to, my memories run so much further than the performance itself!  

Sense of Community

A show gives you the opportunity to meet people who have at least one thing in common with you. You’re all there for the same reason! Feed off of these good vibes, and talk to people! It is all part of the experience, like I mentioned before. Never pass up the opportunity to connect with others!

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