A Philosophy of Basicness 

As I sit here in my Victorias Secret Pink leggings, alex and ani bracelets jingling as I scroll through instagram on my iphone… looking at pictures of girls in their Northface jackets and uggs holding something pumpkin related… I ponder the meaning of the word “basic.” 

What does it mean to be “basic”? 

Webster defines basic as “the most important part of something.” Urban Dictionary defines basic as “unsophisticated, transparent, and boring.” It is interesting how far this word has come from its roots. A word that once held so much power is now, basically, an insult.

What is “a basic bitch”? 

We covered what “basic” means… but how about “bitch?” Once upon a time, there were a bunch of female dogs. After that, it meant a woman who was lewd or spiteful. Then, Nicole Richie came along and bitch became a term of endearment. Now we have, “the basic bitch.” The yoga pants wearing, pumpkin spiced latte drinking, apple picking, inspirational quoting girls of the world.

Back to Basics: The Dangers of Basicness

Bring basic back to its actual definition of: the most important part of something. Don’t get lost in the label that basic has become! “Basic” is a stereotype, and so often, people lose their identity when trying to blend in. Never lose yourself, and never think you have to settle for anything less than extraordinary because you are a self proclaimed “basic bitch.” So keep drinking your lattes, and yes, leggings are a girls best friend.. but please, think twice before you get that infinity symbol permanently tattooed on your body. 

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