Why Dance Friends are the Best Travel Partners

Back in my What Happens in Vegas post, I mentioned the power of maintaning relationships with people who love to travel as much as you do. About a week ago, one of my favorite fellow hip hoppers asked if she could join in on some of my California adventures. Naturally, I was ecstatic! Here is why I believe dance friends make the best travel buddies:

They Can Rally

Being a spontaneous traveler means being ready for anything, at any time. From my experience, this is a quality among my crew of swagtastic hip hoppers. Getting ready to go out doesn’t take long at all! We’re use to quick changes between dance numbers. Give us 5 minutes, and we’ll come out looking like a million bucks. 

Nudity isn’t an issue

Your dance crew becomes your family… and I don’t know about your family, but for mine, nudity is not taboo. When traveling, you are oftentimes sharing tight spaces. Dance girls are no stranger to changing in front of one another. This makes it extremely easy to get ready a day of travel, and the adventures ahead! 

Words aren’t necessary 

Hip hoppers rarely use words…. Noises and motions will suffice. It is not rare to be taken aback by the beautiful sights while traveling. Oohs and aahs are understood as a universal language. Bonus points for the deep appreciation of the arts that we share. 

It is really awesome to experience such an adventure with a friend. Sandra and I have not spent enough time together back on the East Coast, so having her on this leg of the journey is incredible. Transitioning from Venice to San Francisco would not have been as much fun without her traveling with me! 

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