Oh Say Can You See

Thursday Oct. 9th was World Sight Day. In honor of this event, Tom’s asked the question- What Does sight mean to you? I have to be honest, I found it hard to answer this question. This made me realize how much I take my vision for granted. A day like World Sight Day makes you stop and appreciate something you normally don’t. To me, sight means being able to experience all the beauty the world has to offer. Here are 3 ways I am affected by vision: 


Thinking about a life without sight made me realize how much of my inspiration in life is visual. The motivation behind what I do is based heavily upon things that I have seen. From people-watching, to sitting on a beautiful beach, and everything in between. They are all so wonderful and inspiring because of sight. For me, not being able to experience these things this way would be accompanied with an extreme lack of inspiration. 


Seeing the beauty and complexity of things helps me to appreciate them. This is especially true when speaking about nature. While the smell of a flower or the feeling of sand between your toes can move me, there is something  deeply moving about seeing something with your own two eyes. 


I’m going to pose the question: does vision make us superficial beings? Without vision, emphasis on what we look like would be totally eliminated. This made me stop and think how much time we spend on looking good, when none of that would matter if we couldn’t see. It is a humbling thought. 

Tom’s has been one of my favorite companies after reading Blake Mycoskie’s book “Start Something That Matters.” I think it is incredible for a company to have days like this, raising global awareness about blindness and visual impairment! 

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