3 Tips from the West Coast Dating Scene 

Chivalry is alive and well on the West Coast. Being out here exposed me to a whole new world of “the dating scene.” Just like anywhere else, cool people can be hard to come by. But, the only way to actually meet them is to get out there! Here are three major dating tips that have governed my time in Los Angeles:

Actually Go On Dates

This doesn’t mean meeting up on the weekend with your friends and his friends. This also does’t have to mean dinner and a movie. A date should be something that the two of you can do that allows you to interact, get to know each other, and see if you hit it off. When a guy takes the initiative to plan a creative date, his personally and interest shine through! 

Be Open Minded

Maybe you meet someone you wouldn’t typically hang out with. There could be a type of food you’ve never tried, or a place you’ve never visited. Open yourself up to these new experiences, they have they potential to be wonderful! Being open minded is key to growing and learning.. this counts for relationships as much as any other aspect of life. 

Know Your Worth

You will never be happy with someone else unless you are happy and confident with yourself. Be smart, and avoid uncomfortable situations! General rule of thumb: stay away from sleep overs. You may genuinely like someone and want to hook their attention, but a one night stand isn’t the key to anyone’s heart. Valuing your self-worth is sexy. 

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