3 Reasons Why Your College Friends are your Forever Friends

Liz and I were overdue for a reunion, it is crazy to think two years had gone by without seeing each other. Spending time with her made me feel like I was back in Bridgeport— except with much better weather, pretty surroundings, and much more to do! 

Distance isn’t an Issue

Making friends in college is interesting, because you rarely find people who live close to you outside of school. Having this distance as a factor builds a different sort of friendship. It makes it easy to just pick up where you left off, because that’s what life was like away at school.

You Repped the same Hood

For four years, you and your friends were living, sleeping, drinking and learning in the same town, block, or maybe even the same building. You guys share similar experiences that you can tap into, that others can’t. You can reminisce about the same sushi places, dive bars, and awesome party houses. No matter how beautiful of a location you are in at the moment, some things just can’t compare with the college days. 

Weird Inside Jokes

Reuniting with a good friend is so refreshing, especially when traveling alone, because you finally have someone to be weird with. Hours can be spent laughing about things that outsiders will look at you funny for saying. That is what a genuine friendship is all about! 

On my list of things to do in Los Angeles, seeing Liz was the one thing I would be very upset if I missed. It was so awesome being able to create new memories with an old friend! 

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