3 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Flea Markets & Street Fairs 

After spending the day at the Abbot Kinney Street festival, going to the Melrose Trading Post was a priority. For weeks I have been hearing about how much fun it was, so this week, I went to see for myself. 

Bluu and I dressed up in our Beverly Hills attire, and headed to Melrose for Sunday Funday. 

Support the Artist

Tents were filled with jewelry, clocks, paintings and clothes, all being sold by the people who made them. It was cool to see face behind the item. These people put so much time and effort into their craft, that I was happy to support them, and excited to own a piece of their work. 

Give Your Collection Personality 

You could easily decorate your room with things from Target or Home Goods, but buying funky pieces from Flea Markets and Street Fairs is a fun and inexpensive way to add some personality to your living space. The same goes for your jewelry or clothing collection! Things being sold at these events are fun, unique, and extremely affordable! 

Go Have Fun!

It’s called Sunday Funday for a reason. Everyone walks around in good spirits, and enjoys the creativity that fills the area. Pour yourself some wine in a to-go cup, walk (or uber!) down to the market, and enjoy your day! 

The beautiful California weather makes it easy to find these events, but that does not mean you can’t have the same experience on the East Coast! Here is a list of some fun flea markets in NYC: NYC Flea Markets

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