Taste of Campus Life Thursday

Thursday began with the most SoCal lunch I could have ever ingested: a spinach, goat cheese, grapefruit, craisin, pumpkin seed salad with a mango, pineapple, watermelon, ginger smoothie. The thought of it makes me salivate. My persona for Thursday: USC college student. Brilliant. 

As I was sitting by a fountain (just like I would back at Sacred Heart…. except this time I was surrounded by Palm Trees), I was approached by two girls who stopped to tell me how beautiful I looked. *Hair flip* They immediately asked if I was a blogger… I do in fact take pride in being able to dress the part. A queen of costumes, if you will. We got to talking, and they asked if we can do something crazy. I’m sitting there thinking sex.. drugs.. rock and roll. They asked if we can pray together.

Coming from a lifetime as a Catholic School girl, I’ve lost a lot of faith in organized religion. I have a God of my own understanding, and seek beauty and appreciation for that God throughout my daily experiences. When they asked to pray, I was curious what their idea of prayer was. 

I must say, these two girls spoke beautiful words about the love of God. They blessed me on my journey, and said they have felt inspired by me and my presence. Those are very powerful words, especially coming from two complete strangers. Their prayers confirmed what this whole trip is about. Getting out there, showing others that it is possible to follow your heart and dreams, and exuding love and appreciation every step of the way. 

After spending the day on campus, I headed over to IDA in Hollywood for a hip hop class with one of my favorite YouTube famous choreographers- Matt Steffanina! For years I have been learning his choreo in my bedroom, so when I had the opportunity to dance with him in the flesh, I was beyond excited! The class was everything I could have ever dreamed it to be. The choreography was incredible, the energy was astounding, and the support was unreal. I stayed after class to introduce myself, and got to speak to one of my dance idols. The only way to describe how I felt afterwards was energized: mind, body, and soul. 

Bottom Line:

  • Dress the part. If you want to learn more about a population you have to be able to blend in. Chameleon yourself into the crowd and you will gain much more insight than if you were observing from a distance.
  • There is so much that I can say about religion, but I will keep it simple: Be openminded. We have the freedom to believe whatever we want, but if you are not openminded, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. 
  • Dance your ass off. Nothing in the world makes me feel freer. And if you think you are good at something, take a class with people who are even better. It will challenge you and bring you to new heights. 

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