Love your Selfie Saturday

If I were asked to describe Downtown Los Angeles in 3 words: I feel isolated. I consider myself to be quite an extroverted person, (which is a word I never thought I would describe myself as…. but that is a story for another blog) and even still, my week spent downtown made me feel very alone. I love being by myself, naturally, or I wouldn’t have taken this journey solo dolo. However, there is a difference between being alone and feeling isolated. 

My roommates back at the loft were gone for the weekend, so I seized the opportunity to embrace my isolation, pour myself a glass of wine, and enjoy the pleasantries of living by myself in a beautiful, exposed-brick, Los Angeles loft. 

I consulted my bible, Yelp, to find an ideal spot for Sunday Brunch. What makes a brunch spot ideal? For me: bottomless mimosas and a patio bar. (*Note: Contrary to popular belief, bottomless mimosas does not mean “pants optional.” However, I prefer this interpretation.) Sitting at the bar was my way to try and combat these feelings of isolation. Bottomless mimosas also help. 

Sunday Brunch tends to be a couples activity here in LA, so I kept to myself, observing, jotting down some thoughts in my notebook. It may have been my interpretation of “bottomless mimosas”, or maybe it was my commitment to my spot at the bar, but either way, I was spotted by a local LA dude who was looking for someone to have some Sunday drinks with. Brunch then turned into happy hour, which soon turned into, “oh shit, I have to get moving, it’s already 8:00.” 

Originally, I had committed 3 weeks to Downtown Los Angeles. After just a few days, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my time in Los Angeles back in Venice with Bluu. Luckily, my hosts downtown were understanding, and my spot in Venice was still available. Sunday night ended back at the flat, walking distance from the beach, and my feelings of isolation disappeared. 

Bottom Line: 

  • Take time to recognize how you are feeling, and try to figure out what is making you feel that way. By labeling my discomfort as “isolation”, I was then able to embrace it and overcome it. Which brings me to point #2…. 
  • Enjoy spending time by yourself! If you’re not comfortable with yourself you’ll never be completely comfortable with somebody else. At the end of the day, you are the number one person you have to rely on. 
  • Carry a notebook with you. I love my corner spot at the bar, but you may not always find someone to talk to. However, there will always be people to watch. Take notes, funny things happen.

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