Fresh Ink Friday

2010 was a year of major transitions for me and my family, which is when I got my first tattoo… a quote that says, “Keep me where the light is.” The tattoo served as a reminder for myself that hard times are not impossible to overcome, and by remaining positive, I will get to where I need to be

This adventure, for me, is the epitome of being “where the light is.” This is why I decided to add some more ink to my skin canvas. Now when I look down, I have a beautiful sun rising above my original tattoo. I am literally where the light is. This is what I worked for. This is what happens when you remain optimistic.

Before coming out to Cali, I signed up for a wait list to see a taping of Dancing With The Stars, and got a ticket! Because I signed up for this list, I have been receiving emails to be a part of the audience for other Hollywood based shows. 

As a fellow Sacred Heart alum, and staple character in the show Weeds, Kevin Nealon has made his way into my heart as one of my favorite comedians. When I received an email asking if I would like to be in the audience when he appeared as a guest on the show Hollywood Name Game, I wondered why this was even a question! I made my way down to Hollywood with my golden ticket (which was free!) and was seated in the front row of the studio audience. The perks of solo travel! I got a solid high five from both Kevin Nealon and the beautiful Aisha Tyler— who played Ross’s girlfriend Charlie, for all of my fellow hardcore Friends fans. 

I have been craving a sushi happy hour as wonderful as Sweet Basil’s back in Fairfield. This was the day I found one that I can honestly say gave Sweet Basil a run for their money (except maybe when it comes to Rock Shrimp… there is nothing quite like Sweet Basil’s rock shrimp). 

After a belly full of sangria and sushi, and a bit of Hollywood boutique shopping, I made my way over to see Jonezy at True Tattoo. Jonezy was recommended to be by one of my new Los Angeles friends, who was recently inked by the man himself. I had been to the studio back on What’s Weird Wednesday to discuss a concept design that has been brewing in my head for quite some time. I knew immediately that he was the man for the job. Did you know- that when you are waiting for Jonezy to sketch your tattoo, you receive a killer discount at the bar next door. What a beautiful thing! Especially when the bar next door makes delicious spicy margaritas… my personal favorite.

Bottom Line:

  • Not everything online is a scam! There is such a thing as “free.” Seek and you shall find!
  • Tattoos are forever!!!!! Also, tattoos are a great way to contract diseases. If you are positive that you want this artwork on your body forever, do your research and ask for recommendations from fellow tattooed friends. 
  • Stay “where the light is.” There will always be dark times, but they make you appreciative of those brighter days. 

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