Ice Ice Baby: The Great ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Debate 

Love it or hate it, your timeline is flooded (pun intended) with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Just the other night, I saw someone at a concert looking down at their smartphone watching someone get drenched. Why are we so obsessed, and why is it causing so much controversy? 

Social Media Communication

Can we just take a second to think about how news use to travel…. strictly via TV, radio, pigeon carrier. Now, we share things instantanously! This is a blessing for times when spreading the word is important- like raising money and awareness for a good cause. It is also a curse due to the “over-sharers” of the world. These are the people pouring water on their head to gain likes and followers on their road to social media stardom. 

I believe the beauty of this fundraiser is in the purity of the intentions— something for people to keep in mind as their complaining or defending the challenge. 

Community Awareness

One of the tenants of a solid community project is raising awareness. Some people believe that the only way to truly help the cause is to donate money. These people are probably the same ones who don’t understand the fact that money isn’t everything. A billionaire can write a check to the foundation for a huge number in silence, but will that get people talking about ALS? Pour ice cold water on your head for the sake of ALS… that will get people talking. 


I bet you have had one conversation about someone’s ice bucket challenge at your dinner table. If it weren’t for this, would you really be talking about ALS? This challenge was a stellar publicity move for the ALS association, and also created amazing publicity opportunities for other companies and businesses. Employees are dumping cold water on their bosses outside of restaurants and posting it on social media. I would choose to eat at the place that supports a good cause… good for them! 

What are your feelings on the ice bucket challenge? Have you accepted it? 

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