Washington, D.C

It took 22 years for this American girl to visit the capitol! DC is a wonderful place to learn. Not just about history, though. Dig deep enough and you’ll learn a thing or two about yourself… 

The Power of Friendship

I went to DC to visit a friend I made when I was in pre school. That was the only connection we had. Here I am, at age 22, visiting her as she starts a new chapter in her life, in a new city. There is nothing quite like friendship to open your heart, mind, and windows to new opportunities. 

The Power of History 

I believe what made the sites of DC so incredible was my knowledge of the history behind it. The beauty goes beyond the architecture. The beauty is everything the design represents. 

The Power of Letting Go of Anxiety

Travel can be stressful! Especially for anxious people like me. When you let go of worrying about every little detail, you made room for the fun stuff! Plus, 99% of the things you are worrying about aren’t going to happen anyway. 

The Power of Alone Time

You’re pretty awesome, don’t feel intimidated to do things alone. Go for a walk. Grab a margarita. Enjoy “me” time in a new city. Dealing with only one schedule- your own- is awesome for exploring! 

The Power of Going For It! 

One day, my friend packed her bags, got a job in DC, and went for it… and couldn’t be happier! There is no better inspiration than seeing a loved one take a leap of faith, and it turning out beautifully! 

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