California knows how to party: Los Angeles Edition! 

My 2014 new years resolution is to travel to 5 cities I have never been to. Number one on my list was a place I have always wanted to visit- the city of angels! It has been said that travel is the one thing you spend money on that makes you richer. Here are some golden nuggets I took back from my California adventure: 

The Power of Being Spontaneous 


Just 3 weeks before the most life-changing trip I have ever been on, I had no intentions of going anywhere. If not now, when?- is a question you need to stop and ask yourself. What is holding you back from the trip of a lifetime? Yolo. 

The Power of Expectations


Have none! Go into your experience with a clear mind. Quit trying to plan everything and just roll with it. Memories are 10x greater if you did not try to plan them out ahead of time.

The Power of Good Weather 


A little vitamin D goes a long way! No one is trapped inside by mother nature, allowing for opportunities to get those endorphins flowing outdoors. I am a happier person in the summertime, so a city with summer weather all the time truly appeals to me. 

The Power of the Ocean


As I sit by the shore typing this, listening to the beautiful beast that is Poseidon crashing down, I am humbled. I am calm. I am reverent. To me, the ocean is a reminder of the power nature has over us. The ocean is my church. 

The Power of Extroversion 


My favorite part about traveling is all the people you meet. Each face that passes you by has a story. An idea. A memory. Don’t be afraid to smile at them… a smile is a wonderful conversation starter! 

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